When is the peak season?

Every April and December are peak travel seasons overhere in Morocco.Most services prices get higher than other months and good stuffs is likely sold out several weeks,sometimes months before.As such, it is highly recommended to book your's as early as possible if you plan to come during these periods.If your schedule allows,it is recommended to avoid travelling during peak seasons so as to let you enjoy the best experience with good price and avoid the crowds.

Is the service private one?

Yes, all our services are private for individual,couples, families, and homogene group. (we avoid really joining groups). because we want you to enjoy the good & homogene atmosphere, flexibility by stop whenever you want, enjoy the journey at your own time and at your own pace without haste or pressure to be coupled to a schedule or others.

Will the price be the same if we are 2, 3 or more persons?

Our price depends on number of persons with you, as more as in the group, the price gets lower.

Will the price be cheaper for last minute booking?

No, sometimes the price might even get higher for last minute booking which is made less than a week before the commencement of the service.We constantly received such inquiries few days before.  We do our best to accommodate the booking requests. So not to affect your experience, it is highly recommended to book earlier and do not expect a lower price for last minute booking.

What if I don't want to do all the traject?

We are flexible and all can be modified to suit your specific needs and interests.  If you have a different route in mind, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will offer a specific requirements.

What is the payment method?

To confirm a booking, deposit will be required to pay and the rest of payment will be settled in cash during the trip.  Our price quoted in Euro. You may also settle the payment in USD or Moroccan Dirhams. for exchange rate information we base into exchange rate at Hotel Riad Ali at Marrakech or via internet.

What is the cancellation and deposit refund policy?

The cancellation requests should be made in writing to the Company. If any cancellation is received in 14 days or more prior the commencement of service,refund of deposit will be made. If any cancellation is received in 13 days or less prior the commencement, no refund will be made.