Morocco a North African country where brings you incredible experience and let you immerse into traditional culture and heritage.


Morocco gained its independence in 1956 and is currently ruled by King Mohammed VI under parliamentary constitutional monarchy. Berbers are the indigenous inhabitants of Morocco and they have their own spoken language. Arabs started living in Northern Africa around the 7th Century. Affected by Arab culture, most of Moroccans are Muslims. Due to proximity to Europe (just half hour by ferry from northern Morocco to Spain) and the influence as French and Spanish Protectorate in the past centuries, their traditional culture are mixed together. Nowadays, Moroccans consist of Arabs and Berbers and people commonly speak Arabic, French and some remains to speak Berber. 


Morocco is a big country where the climate varies with one another. Morocco has Mediterranean climate and it is usually dry throughout the year but more rains from November to March. The hottest months of a year are July and August and temperature can reach as high as 40°Cin Marrakech and 50°C in the desert. However, in the coastal area like Essaouira, you can enjoy summer breeze from the ocean and relief from extremely hot weather in the midland. It is good to join our tours to visit the waterfalls in Ouzoud and Ourika Valley to escape from the hot weather. In winter, there are snows in Atlas Mountains. March to May (Spring) and September to November (Autumn) are the best time to travel to Morocco.